Egypt Tours for Women Handy Travel Guide

Egypt Tours for Women Handy Travel Guide

Egypt Tours for Women Handy Travel Guide

Well, you’re making a vacation to Egypt — fantastic! We have created for you this Egypt Tours for Women Handy Travel Guide. It’s an incredible, difficult, and gorgeous nation, and it’ll be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Along the trip, you’ll experience scorching temperatures, a few colder evenings, dusty and rough roads, and a few more surprises.

You should be ready for a wide range of weather and terrain situations. Also, consider what and how to dress in Egypt, keeping in mind local traditions and dressing modestly. Of course, you would want to go shopping!

After almost 20 years of experience in Egypt tourism now we have created an Egypt luggage list of the most important items to bring on your visit to Egypt. Rejoice!

Tips on What to Wear in Egypt

Egypt’s official religion is Islam, and the majority of Egyptians are Sunni Muslims. As a result, the majority of women in the country are dressed in a modest fashion. They normally cover their arms, knees, and hair. Nevertheless, this isn’t always the case, and some of Cairo’s more affluent areas have more liberal dress codes.

As a western lady visiting Egypt, you will definitely attract a lot of male attention. If you don’t cover yourself, be prepared for a barrage of staring and catcalls. we strongly advise you to leave your crop tops and shorts at home and instead observe local norms by wearing like local Egyptians. It would also be a part of your Egyptian experience. Recall, you’re not here to alter the culture or your culture; instead, you’re here for few days to learn about it and experience its vibes.

TIP: If you’re staying at a beach resort, the regulations don’t apply. In hotels and resorts surrounding Sharm El-Sheikh, Hurghada, and all of Egypt’s coastal tourist towns, foreigners frequently recline in swimsuits, dresses, and skirts.

Weather in Egypt

Egypt is well-known for its sweltering desert climate. Temperatures may vary based on where you go, but they should range from 60 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter to well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. The heat in the summer may be uncomfortable, so if you visit at this time, make sure you stay nearby the air conditioning or pool. Due to the fact that it is the off-season, you will find that tourist sites are much less crowded and that prices are often lower.

Egypt’s prime season is from October to April, whenever the temperature is more pleasant. While the daytime temperatures are more bearable, the evenings may be fairly chilly. You should bring a sweatshirt and perhaps a raincoat with you. It’s one of the top Egypt Tours for Women Handy Guide.

Before arranging your vacation to Egypt, double-check the Ramadan dates. Ramadan is observed in the Islamic calendar’s ninth month. Because Muslims fast from dawn to dark throughout that month, it is considered impolite for outsiders to be observed eating or drinking in public. Several restaurants and stores close or function on a restricted schedule during that period. This might not be the best moment for a foreigner to visit a Muslim-majority country.

Egypt Visa and Passport Requirements

Many nations, including the United States, the United Kingdom, EU nationals, Croatia, New Zealand, Norway, Georgia, Russian Federation, Serbia, Japan, Australia, Canada, Macedonia, Republic of Korea, and Ukraine, are eligible for visas on entry at Egyptian ports of arrivals.

Getting a visa will set you back $25.00 USD per person and must be paid in cash. In particular, in US dollars. You may exchange your money at the same counter if you don’t really have US dollars for the visa.

Assure that your passport’s expiry date is at least 6 months from the date you plan for your Egypt trip; anything other than that, you may get a refused entry.

Packing  – Egypt Tours for Women Handy Travel Guide

Packing Luggage for Egypt Vacation

For your journey to Egypt, choose luggage that is both simple to identify on the luggage belt and extremely safe. chose tough and colorful suit cases to recognize. A warranty period is recommended!

Compression Packing Cubes

One of the top pieces of advice for Women to go Egypt is to Keep your bag tidy and orderly with these compression packing unit boxes, cubes, from we recommend this as when you’re preparing for Egypt is an easy way to get your package done in no time. Not only will they keep your belongings segregated, but then you can also shrink each cube for more luggage room. And you’ll surely need an additional place in your bag for Egyptian souvenir shopping!

Carry-On Bag

When you decide to recheck your bags (which we encourage due to TSA liquid limitations), try to obtain a carry-on bag to keep a few items with you on the flight. Get one that has a number of pockets for all of your critical belongings, and can be used as a purse or a backpack. If you don’t want to check your bags when traveling to Egypt, it’s tiny enough to be called a “personal item”.

Extra Duffel Bag

Egypt’s shopping is incredible, and you can’t leave without picking up a few mementos. Invest in this “just in case” duffel bag to guarantee you have plenty of space for all of your new discoveries. It’s extremely light and compact, taking up very little room in your backpack. It’s also long-lasting, so you can stuff it with your new Egyptian memorable souvenirs.

Travel Pillow

Only if you’re traveling to Egypt in business class, you’re going to have a hard time sleeping during your journey. This tiny, compact, light, and yet very comfy travel cushion will save you from nodding off on your flight neighbor’s shoulder.

Jewelry Organizer

Nothing is more frustrating than attempting to disentangle a jumble of bangles and necklaces that have accumulated in your baggage. We recommend a small travel jewelry organizer that keeps all of your items tidy and arranged. But, just in case, leave your pricey jewelry at home. This is one of the most important pieces of advice on Egypt Tours for Women Handy Travel Guide.

Egypt Tours for Women Handy Guide List

Electronics to Pack for Egypt


You will be witnessing many beautiful ancient structures to photograph in Egypt that relying just on your cellphone camera would be an injustice to yourself. Invest in a good camera that fits in your purse and isn’t too expensive. You will be fond of what your seeing!

Universal Travel Adapter

You won’t be capable of charging your gadgets without a converter if you’re heading to Egypt from the United States, Canada, UK, or Australia. Purchase a universal adapter with several USB ports so you can recharge many devices at the same time in most countries.

So, What to Bring on a Trip to Egypt

Power Bank

Across the day, you’ll most likely be using Google Maps on your phone to get around Egypt. And nothing depletes your battery faster than your GPS. With a power bank, you can keep your phone charged all day. Get a compact and portable one, making it simple to put into your handbag before heading out the door.


Earbuds have gone a long way, haven’t they? Bluetooth wireless earbuds may now be purchased for the same price as any conventional headphones. So, if you don’t have to, why would you go to handle those bothersome wires? Buy a compact and pleasant one to wear through your journey to Egypt

Travel Gear Organizer

With a gear organizer, you can keep all of your chargers, cords, earphones, and other items you’ve brought for Egypt in one place. Carry it in your carry-on to ensure that you have quick and easy access to your own world of entertainment while flying!

Entertainment for the Flight to Egypt

Don’t miss this opportunity of downloading offline maps of the cities you’ll be visiting in Egypt; this will be saving you a lot of time. Download a handful of our favorite podcasts to keep up with the news or for background noise when looking out the plane window. Whether movies are available or not, sign up for a good Audible channel of your choice to listen to a wide range of audiobooks.

Bring a marker and a few Egypt travel books to keep track of your must-see sights!

Toiletries to Pack for Egypt

Containers for Liquids

You’ll need to convert all of your toiletries into travel-sized bottles if you don’t want to check a bag. Although if you checked your bag, having a few items in your carry-on to freshen up on a lengthy journey is a good idea.

Toiletries List – Egypt Tours for Women Handy Travel Guide 

There are pharmacies in almost every street in Egypt, so don’t worry if you forgot anything. However, there are a few health and cosmetic items that you should include in your Egypt packing list:


Face cleanser

Lotion for the face and body

Conditioner and shampoo

soap for the body

Brushing your teeth, using toothpaste, and flossing your teeth

Hygiene products for women



Medication of any kind

Hair ties and a brush

Hair dryer for travel

Curling iron and straightener in one

Clothing to Pack for Egypt


In the summer, temperatures in Egypt may reach well above 100°F, and the sun beats down on the desert for most of the year. Dresses that are long and loose-fitting will keep you cool while still keeping you covered.

Pack a minimum of four different comfy, light, and loose dresses. This number will make you don’t have to worry about laundry throughout your vacation. Keep in mind that Egyptian guys are notoriously outspoken, so don’t expose too much skin and dress modestly.

If you just want to wear a dress out at night, don’t forget to pack a pair of nylons to keep your legs warmer.

Warm Sweater

You should bring a sweater with you to Egypt no matter the time of year you go. You’ll undoubtedly utilize it on your vacation, whether for chilly evenings or extra protection. Choose something modest, light, and not too bulky, as it will occupy up a lot of space in your luggage.

Long Pants

Whereas temperatures in Egypt are typically quite hot throughout the day, they may swiftly decrease once the sunsets. Make sure to bring a decent pair of pants with you if you plan on going out at the night. 

Also, carry at least one additional pair of elastic, comfy pants that you may dress varies based to your day’s events. 

Comfortable Tops

Choose loose-fitting clothing that covers your cleavage and shoulders, modest attire, to avoid and escape male attention in Egypt. Bring at least one button-down shirt to pair with jeans in the afternoons around sundown, when it’s too hot for a sweater and not cold enough for such a shirt.

Forgoing out for a meal and beverages in the city, grab a couple of conservative shirts. Additionally, at least four breathable t-shirts should be included in your package for days so when the sun is shining brilliantly in Egypt, you can go around with your arms uncovered as much as your shoulders are.


Because the roads of Egypt are often uneven, wearing flip flops will result in unclean feet as you finish your day tour. Also, because you’ll be wandering a lot in the Egyptian streets, you’ll really would like to bring a couple of pairs of shoes.

For lengthy days of wandering, bring one pair of fancy boots and one pair of sneakers. Because Egypt is extremely dusty, white shoes should be discouraged. These shoes will not be as clean when you come back home.

One pair of socks per day

Other Clothing Essentials to Pack for Egypt

Gym clothes and shoes if your hotel has an exercise facility

One pair of underwear per day


Accessories for Egypt

If your hotel has a pool or you’re heading to the beach, bring a swimsuit and a cover-up.

For the beach or the pool, flip-flops are ideal.

Bag for the Cross-Body

Although Egypt is a very secure nation, it is always a great way to keep an eye on your belongings when visiting large cities. With a cross-body bag with zip closures, you can keep your cash and credit cards close to your body and out of sight. 


Because Islam is the majority religion, you’ll see several gorgeous mosques throughout your visit. Always keep a scarf stored away in your bag so you may conceal your head before entering. Whether you’re having a low-cut blouse or a dress on, you could want to put it on to conceal your chest if you feel like you’re being given unwanted attention.

Sun Hat

You’ll have to obtain a hat and sunblock if you’re strolling about the Pyramids of Giza or any desert-themed excursions in the middle of the morning. The sun in Egypt is scorching, so do everything you can to protect yourself. 


When it comes to protection from the sun, don’t overlook your sunglasses! Choose polarized sunglasses with UV protection to defend your eyes from the sun’s rays. Remember to pack a strong case and put your valuable glasses securely in your bag.


Bring your passport!

To contact your credit card company and request that your card be activated for usage in Egypt.

Even better, get a credit card that doesn’t charge foreign transaction fees!

Upgrade to an overseas cellular plan!

Leave These Things at Home

Shorts or tank tops

Knee-length gowns

Shirts that expose the midriff

Expensive jewelry


A substantial sum of money. There are several ATMs in the airport and around Egypt.

Egypt Tours for Women Handy Travel Guide is the best travel list you need to print or download for your vacation to Egypt

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