Tours Booking Conditions

Tours Booking Conditions

Egypt Tours Booking Conditions

Firstly, we want to thank you for booking or considering traveling with Egypt United Tours Services as it is always such an honor to add names to our list of our satisfied customers. When we are conducting official business dealings, there are always a couple of terms and conditions developed to govern the aspects of our agreement with you.

The moment you book any of our Egypt Tours Packages, you will be expected to accept and agree to all the terms of service mentioned at our Company Official Website, so make sure you go through them very carefully.

We would like to clarify the situation that the person who makes an online or telephone reservation must meet the following requirements:

  • They should be a minimum of eighteen years in order to achieve a successful reservation.
  • The person who makes the booking must carefully read and understand and accept all of our policies needed to guarantee that everything is accepted and immediately commence your booking standard procedures.

Important Info Required

We need specific information from you in order to complete all of your reservations, considering the following points:

  • Your entire names (First + Last Names) as they appear on your passports.
  • Your nationalities.
  • The Passport Numbers.
  • Your flight records for arrival and departure include "Number – Date – Time – Airline."
  • In case you have children please provide a birth date for each child.

As a result, you will receive your entire final travel itinerary from us. The itinerary will be directly connected to your domestic flight schedules, as well as a catalog of your hotel and Nile Cruise special accommodations based primarily on the travel plan you have booked and paid for.

If we encounter a problem, it is our duty and obligation to fix the situation and repair the error made.

However, if the mishap is yours and yours alone, such as providing inaccurate information in the list of our criteria, you must incur any extra costs related to fixing the fault.

To avoid any potential mistakes, please revise the information you give us more than once. This is done since it will be imperative and relevant on your significant part to review the final travel itinerary we send you, along with all the relevant details of the domestic flights and accommodation. Hence in case of any mistakes, we have enough chance to resolve them; alternatively, you may find potential problems in Egypt while on your trip.

Payment Method

We accept PayPal Payment with 3% service charges for PayPal Company.

You can also transfer us the deemed necessary amount via our Company bank account or Western Union.

You might just simply select the most convenient and comfortable payment choice for you.

Deposit Payment

To take steps to ensure that you are trying to confirm a reservation with us, a deposit of 50% of the total tour package cost must be submitted to our company account.

Once we receive and confirm your deposit, we send you a confirmation number for your trip. Then it becomes our responsibility to confirm your trip booking process according to the required date of the chosen tour, the number of traveling members, and of course, the tour package selected.

Please note that booking should be started as early as possible to ensure the availability of the selected tour.

The deposit will count as the first payment and will be estimated based on:

  1. The selected tour package.
  2. The number of tour members,
  3. Your trip date.

Balance Payment

The remaining 50% should either be paid in advance or on your arrival by cash to our tour guide. He will give you an official receipt from "Egypt - United Tours Services" with the Balance amount, your group name, dates of your trip, trip confirmation No, and the official seal of our travel agent.

Rates and Currency

All Rates and Tour Package Prices mentioned in US Dollar per person in Double Occupancy, please check our Egypt Tour Rates Policy.

Tours with Accommodation

  • All our rates are based on a Double room, which is one room for two people can share.
  • We can provide rooms for a single person with additional charges.
  • The prices will be inclusive of tariffs and other costs and can change without notice.

Tours including Flights

For Tours that include flights, we require a down payment of 75% in advance before you arrive in Egypt. For payments through Western Union bank and Bank Transfers, no extra charges are added in case of prepayment.

The amount remaining should be cleared upon arrival, either through PayPal with a 3% additional fee or directly by cash.

Domestic: We give you the estimation of the prices and timings. Note that it may change if there is a request to change your package.

International: We will book the tickets at the scheduled time.

Overland Tours without Accommodation or flight bookings

We only require 25% as a deposit and you are free to pay the estimated balance amount to your local tour guide on arrival. You can pay in any currency you wish (USD, CAD, JPN, INR, AUD, etc., all are accepted). Payment through PayPal payment is also allowed in our policy, but it requires an extra 3% charge for the PayPal company. Payments through Western Union or via Bank Transfer require no extra charge.

On-shore Excursions

For On-shore Excursions, we require 50% of the total tour cost to be deposited through Paypal with an extra 3%. Payments through Western Union or via Bank Transfer require no extra charge.

Your deposit can be completed on your arrival by Cash or with an additional 3% through Paypal as per the remaining amount.

Children's Policy

Policy 1: For packages, Nile cruises, and hotels

  • Free for Children under two years
  • 25% of total tour cost for a child under six years and above 2 years.
  • 50% of total tour cost for an adult for a child under 12 years and above 6 years.
  • Children above 12 years have the exact charges as an adult. You might need extra supplements for your child on flights.

Policy 2: For shore excursions and sightseeing

  • Free for children under six years
  • 50% of the charge for a child under 12 years
  • Total cost for children of 12 years or above


Our company is an agent for the customers regarding the mode of transport and will not assume any liability for injury, loss, damage, accidents or delay in their property due to the following causes.

  • Weather
  • Acts of God
  • Force Majeure
  • Wars
  • Civil disturbances
  • Labor disputes
  • Riots
  • Thefts
  • Mechanical breakdowns
  • Quarantines
  • Delays
  • Cancellations
  • Act of Government

We do not bear any responsibility for additional expenses.

Special Requests

We try to satisfy our customers if they place any special requests at the time of booking. But it is not a part of the contract, and the company will not guarantee it. We are not liable to inform the customer if we cannot confer to their requests. The company will not accept any bookings based on the fulfillment of the recommendations.

To assure your special request, you should inform Egypt United Tours Services about your requests right from the first time you contact us. We will thoroughly discuss it with you and see if it's possible or not for your safety. After we see it's possible, we then finalize all the details and arrangements that concern your special request and send the completed itinerary to you for final confirmation.

Amendments to be made by clients

While booking your tour, you will find it very easy and flexible to book the tour you select. You may need to make some necessary changes to the initial itinerary to fit your requests more. We will discuss every option we have in details with you to arrange the best tour you deserve.

You can leave it on us and let our operation department know about all the requirements you have. If you would like to add or wish to remove anything, the operation department will inform you if it is a good choice or if it could affect any part of your tour itinerary. Our team will check the availability, the rates and offer the best possible tour you can ever imagine.

Our cancellation policies

If tourists want to cancel their booking with our agency, we request them to inform us as early as possible since we are dealing with many clients. When the client has decided to cancel their booking with us, we ask for a detailed email from their side to us mentioning the reason for the cancellation of their booking.

Egypt United tours offer their customers flexible cancellation policies if the government issue a travel warning from their country to their destination. In such cases, we refund the tour package amount in travel credit and voucher you can use in your future journeys within the next 12 months. However, you will be charged for the flight cancellation according to their terms. We have adapted our cancellation policies for your convenience.

Cancellation Fees:

1) If your trip dates all year round except Xmas, New Year, and Easter Time.

  • Canceling 30 days or more before your trip starts, you get a Full Refund with No Cancelation Fees.
  • Canceling 29 to 15 days before your trip starts, you get a 90% Refund and we charge 10% Cancelation Fees.
  • Canceling 14 to 7 days before your trip starts, you get a 75% Refund and we charge 25% Cancelation Fees.
  • Canceling 7 to 1 day before your trip starts, you get a 60% Refund and we charge 40% Cancelation Fees.
  • Canceling and No Show on arrival, you get a 25% Refund and we charge 75% Cancelation Fees.

2) If your trip dates during Xmas, New Year, and Easter Time.

  • Canceling 60 days or more before your trip starts, you get a Full Refund with No Cancelation Fees.
  • Canceling 59 to 45 days before your trip starts, you get a 90% Refund and we charge 10% Cancelation Fees.
  • Canceling 44 to 30 days before your trip starts, you get a 75% Refund and we charge 25% Cancelation Fees.
  • Canceling 29 to 15 days before your trip starts, you get a 50% Refund and we charge 50% Cancelation Fees.
  • Canceling 7 before your arrival Or No Show, you get a 25% Refund and we charge 75% Cancelation Fees.

For any tour that includes a domestic flight, the flight cancelation fees will be applicable according to the time of booking and will be treated separately.


All the refunds will be sent to the bank account used for payments. In case of any issues or emergencies, or problems in the refund process, we wish you to cooperate with us and contact us immediately so we can look into the matter and settle everything as soon as possible.

We apologize for any delays in advance, during peak seasons or work hours, and any other inconveniences that might be caused to you. We have always been trying to do our best to handle every client. We hope to earn your trust in us for us to make the trip worthwhile.


Customers are not obliged to tip the staff for their services, but they can express their satisfaction with tips as they see fit.


Egypt United Tours Services will efficiently solve any complaints you have while you are at the destination swiftly. Kindly contact our customer care manager while on the tour Mr. Sobhy Fathy Mobile +201010641119 if the problem persists. You can write to our CEO Mr. Hamad Fathy directly and he will solve any problem smoothly which will definitely satisfy your needs .

General terms

  1. Our country of domicile is Egypt.
  2. Any disputes regarding this website will be governed by Egyptian laws.
  3. Minors under 18 years cannot register as a user on this website.
  4. Customers must have a copy of transaction records.
  5. We accept online payments only through PayPal.
  6. If you make a payment, our payment provider will receive all your details.

Acceptance of Agreement

Client booking with the company indicates that they have read and accepted all terms and have agreed to abide by them.

Wishing you a wonderful vacation in Egypt

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