Discover Egypt Cities

Discover Egypt Cities

Get to Know All About Egypt Cities History and Facts in this Article!

The Nile River, the world’s longest river, has carved the dawn of civilization in the land of history, There are the Egypt cities, where you can travel to the oldest destination on earth, seeing dazzling treasure of thousands of years ago, majestic temples, marvelous tombs, and magnificent pyramids. Egypt, which has captured the imagination of travelers for thousands of years. Egypt cities are where glorious history that reaches back to thousands of years ago runs towards your eyes to live time as if you come back to the pharaohs period, and the surprise that maybe before that in the pre-human era.

Ancient Egyptian God Carved Dazzling Treasure in Egypt Cities Where Nature Charming the Eyes

Egypt cities wow all who visit not just because they are the home of the pharaohs and their great civilization. Leaving great artifacts that are like pieces of stars fallen from the ancient time to illuminate our recent time with the greatness of that time, but also you can be amid magical nature of colorful rocks forming a shape of dried Nile waves in a valley then the stars will lead you to amazing deserts to live with the Bedouins your best times while the candles light your charming night with special music and the mountains surround you.

While you live the suspense of the desert in Egypt cities, your soul will take you to the blue water, where you live the charm under it to be among coral reefs rare brilliant marine life, then to sit relaxing on the beach hearing the singing of the birds that come from the pure white sky, while your soul will be purified in the springs of the oases to get rid of your worry and live the peace and calmness in this gorgeous nature. That is how will be your tour in the Egypt cities.

Egypt cities have so much to show and do activities combining culture, adventure, and relaxation. So, here we highlight the most important Egypt cities to visit and activities to do in each city.

Cairo_ Egypt Cities

Among the historical Fatimid gates of Cairo, cross via eras to go around the narrow lanes with precious royal tiles, geometric mosaics, and shimmering exotic stones, that carry wonderful Islamic engineering designs with high minarets accompany the sky for hundreds of years ago, while the domes attract the eyes with marvelous calligraphy decorations, your eyes look up seeing these great buildings with their special design that mix a lot of arts, you will be surprised with wood that has inscriptions and decorations and lined with colored glass, it is the mashrabiyas to complete your tour in the Al-Muizz Li Din Allah.

It is the street that narrates in detail the events of thousand-year history; it is considered the largest open museum of Islamic antiquities not just in all Egypt cities, however in the world with more than 25 archaeological sites. Welcome to the capital of Egypt Cities.

The street that extends from Bab al-Futuh and Bab al-Nasr on the northern side, extending to Darassa Street and the remains of the walls of Cairo on the eastern side, is distinguished by its decorations and architectural designs, passing through the different eras that passed on this street, starting from Fatimid Cairo through the Ayyubid era, and the Mamluk state up to the Ottoman Empire.

Then, you will find yourself in an open-air market that still keeps the spirit of its narrow alleys that are lined up in a complex, intertwining, and multi-colored, it is Khan Al-Khalili.

Shops with Fatimid atmosphere adjacent to each other in intense familiarity are selling pharaonic artifacts replicated with great craftsmanship and precision, passing through copper artifacts and arabesques that catch the eye when they fall on them, fabric shops, rugs & carpets with special eastern designs, fresh spices of any variety, the perfume market with countless mixing scents of essential oils & incense.

There, your soul will be eager to live more time with these majestic Islamic designs to find  Al-Azhar Mosque in front of you, a jewel that shines in the land of Egypt cities, there the aroma of history will take you to AD 972, take off your shoes and let your feet touch directly historical white tile of thousand years and launch your soul to go around this grandness of the building designs on the wide-area where amazing doves accompany you to five minarets bear witness to the different dynasties that had controlled Egypt.

Beautiful, white marble central court, and unique marble corridors decorated with Kufic inscriptions consisting of Qur’anic verses and lush vegetal motifs, while the pure light of the sky touches this white tile to purify your soul, complete the suspense of the Islamic designs that feature with its vibrant colors, rich patterns, and symmetrical silhouettes.

Complete the charm in the Sultan Hassan Mosque, which includes one of the highest minarets in Egypt Cities.

It combined the enormity of the building, the subtlety of the industry, and the diversity of decorations, so it deserved to be described as a magnificent architectural masterpiece, to be the first place for Islamic architecture not just in Egypt cities, however,  in the whole world thanks to its huge dome, the height of its minaret, the greatness of its breadth, the grandeur and the abundance of its decorations.

It will be the time to be inside one of the most powerful war castles in the Middle Ages with its distinct architectural design and its historic and heritage importance. It is the Citadel of Saladin, where you find inside it one of the distinctive mosques with unique design, it is the Alabaster mosque, or Mohamed Ali mosque, to surprise with its long minarets that shook hands the sky and its huge domes, still the capital of  Egypt cities has surprises for you.

While your soul will be charmed with the mix of the historical eras and the recent eras in the distinctive West El-Balad streets (Down Town), you will find the pharaohs in the Egyptian Museum calls you to narrate for you a lot of stories of history that dates back to thousands of years ago.

The museum includes the greatest archaeological collection in the world that expresses all stages of ancient Egyptian history; you will find prehistoric times, that group represents the civilization before knowledge of writing, as the ancient pharaohs settled in many places in Egypt in the north, middle and south of the country, you will be charmed by these artifacts with the pottery Toiletries, fishing tools and the requirements of daily life.

Monuments of the Foundation Age: It includes the relics of the first and second dynasties, such as the Narmer bowl, the statue of Khasekhemwy, and many utensils and tools. Artifacts of the Old Kingdom Era: It includes the most important statues like Zoser, Khafre, Menkaure, Sheikh Al-Balad, the dwarf Sinb, Biby I, and his son Mary An Ra, and many coffins, individual statues, wall pictures, and the collection of Queen Hotepheras.

The Middle Kingdom Era: This group includes many antiquities, the most important of which are the statue of King Mnuhotep II, a group of statues of some kings of the 12th family, such as Senusret I and Amenemhat the Third and others, and many statues of individuals, coffins, jewelry and tools of daily life, and the treasures of some pyramids of Fayoum.

The era of the modern state: it is the most famous collection of antiques, including the collection of the young pharaoh Tutankhamun, the statues of Hatshepsut, Thutmose III, and Ramses II, in addition to the war wheels, papyri, ornaments, the Akhenaten group, the statues of Amenhotep III and his wife, and the collection of amulets, writing and agricultural tools, and then the royal mummies.

Late Ages: The collection includes various relics, including the treasures of Tanis, which represent some relics made of gold, silver, and precious stones, which were found in the tombs of some kings and queens of the two dynasties 21 and 22 in San Al-Hajar.

The museum includes some important statues such as the statue of Amun and Mantumhat, the statue of the goddess Taurit, the “Abu Qir” Canopus decision board, the painting of Ankhi, and a group of Nubian antiquities. It is one of the most magnificent masterpieces in Egypt Cities.

Although, the greatness of the Egyptian museum and the enormous number of the most important monuments in the world it displays, you will covet to see more due to the surprise of the majestic ancient Egyptian history that embodying in these magnificent monuments. At this point, go to Giza, one of the most vibrant Egypt cities with the pharaonic great monuments.

Giza_ Egypt Cities

More than 100.000 rare Pharaonic artifacts that have not been displayed before are displayed for the first time in only one city of the whole Egypt cities, and in only one place; it is the Grand Egyptian Museum in Giza city, to witness monuments from the tombs to your eyes directly in the largest museum in the whole world dedicated to a single civilization, where you find all collection of the unimaginableTut treasure including the huge Tut’s mask.

After seeing the history of thousands of years ago backs to life again in this great Egyptian Museum, your soul will lead your feet with pleasant to the Giza Pyramids; they are not just the most majestic masterpieces in Giza, or in Egypt cities, however in the whole world.

They are a few meters far away from the Grand Egyptian Museum, you can arrive at the pyramids through a walkway that links the museum with the pyramids, where you comfortably move on an area of 2 kilometers long by half a kilometer wide. When you arrive at the Giza Pyramids, you will realize why these masterpieces, which are with around 4,500 years ago, are considered the greatest monuments in the world.

Pharaoh Khufu began the first Giza pyramid project, circa 2550 B.C, to leave for us today the only wonder of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World; you will stand in confusion asking how the ancient Egyptians had set these gigantic buildings while they are with normal bodies, and how they had carried these huge heavy stones and raised till this height, and how these buildings are alive till now, narrating about the majesty of the pharaohs who had built tombs like those.

While you are in this magic, touching the prints of the ancient Egyptians with your feet in the sands of this Pyramids plateau, and after the sunset, a great sound will come from the Sphinx that stands proudly to guard the royal tombs for thousands of years ago with his full strength, it is the sound and light show that will tell you all the details of building the pyramids, to feel that the pharaohs have sent a representative for them to tell you their great stories.

At this time while you are in the land of history and see these great buildings, It will be your right to see the first attempt for the human of using the limestone in the building that led at the end to building the pyramids by visiting the Saqqara pyramid, where you get a breeze from the 1st capital of Egypt cities in the pharaonic civilization, Memphis, which was founded in the 1st dynasty period in (3150 BCE) by King Menas (Narmer).

Memphis is where you go around the oldest commerce markets took place in Egypt, the great religious temples set and drew pilgrims, with inscription will uncover a lot of secrets about the ancient Egyptians, it is a land that sails on history and each inch in it will lead you to a story about a pharaoh.

As long as you arrive at Memphis, one of the ancient Egypt cities, you have to visit Thebes, Luxor now, where you will be in a city that includes one-third of the world’s monuments.

You can visit Luxor and Aswan by a Nile Cruise to sail through a god for the ancient Egyptians who had said about it, “The perfect God lives, who is the food and sustenance of Egypt. He allows every man to live, abundance is on his way, and food is on his fingers, and he is the people rejoice, all people,” The ancient Egyptian wrote in literary texts highlighted their gratitude to The Nile, which made it a god of Egypt, and the grantor of life.

You can spend your travel night to Luxor too by the Watania Sleeping Trains, while you have the choice to fly to the Luxor Airport. Many ways will arrive you to these impressive Egypt cities to spend a great time with the pharaohs.

Luxor_ Egypt Cities

Once you arrive at Luxor, follow your steps to the secret way, where the pharaohs had covered the eyes of the workers not to know the road, to find yourself arriving at a long narrow winding path surrounded by heights includes 62 Pharaohs tombs, it is the Valley of the Kings, where the ancient Egyptian spent time and treasure creating hidden underground mausoleums, far away from the thieves to keep the mummy body and the treasure.

After you attend the rituals that the ancient Egyptians had performed for their dead kings to move to the afterlife as gods, you will witness all the details of burying the king with his incredible treasure and closing the tomb tightly to leave the king travel with the sun to his next life; all these details will be narrated in front of your eyes directly by the hands of the ancient Egyptians themselves in the form of stunning decorations.

After you are surprised with the mummification process, in addition to drawings dating back more than 4000 years, you can complete your trip going through the ancient Egyptian believes about the afterlife, visiting the valley of the queens, crossing via the holy cave dedicated to the goddess “Hathor” that could restore youth to the queens.

In the heart of Luxor, you can visit the largest pharaonic outdoor Museum in Egypt cities, it is the Luxor temple, to realize the greatness of the construction of the pharaohs in this most important masterpiece in a city that includes all this great amount of monuments that the dawn civilization had left for the whole world.

There, you will be a witness if Amenhotep III had the right to the throne or not, according to the Egyptian traditions, especially Amenhotep III had left astonishing vibrant descriptions that will narrate for you all the story.

Then, walk through the way of the Opet celebrations, where the pharaohs, queens, priests, and nobles stood in majesty, waiting for the statue of the god Amun, his wife Mut, and their son, Khonsu, to cross among the Avenue of Sphinxes, coming from Al-Karnak Temple to Luxor Temple to reunite in Luxor temple during the inundation.

It will be just three kilometers to arrive at the south of Karnak Temple; when you arrive, prepare your soul to walk through majestic history at an area of 100 hectares, a space larger than some ancient cities, where each Egyptian ruler left his or her own architectural mark, building at the end the largest religious complex in the world.

You will be in a place its construction started 4,000 years ago and continued up until the time of the Romans era, about 2,000 years ago, that is why it is considered the most important religious complex in the ancient era, according to UNESCO.

Within your wonderful tour in this historical city, where you witness the versatility and grandeur of the Pharaonic building with distinctive creative decorations, asking in confusion how they had set all this greatness, which still maintains its luster for thousands of years, Hatshepsut Temple prepares for you a great surprise.

Arrive at Deir Al Bahri, where you will be amazed by the dramatic rugged limestone cliffs that rise nearly 300m above the desert plain, to stare your eyes and find a masterpiece of history dazzling you.

It is the Temple of Hatshepsut, with its distinctive and different architectural design, enter the temple to find exotic trees and shrubs, such as frankincense from Hatshepsut’s trading expeditions to Punt, and the first recorded photographic documents of a commercial expedition to the country of Punt, there is a shrine of the goddess Hathor, and it depicts the birth of Hatshepsut, while the last level includes Statues, including the colossal statues of Hatshepsut.

It will be a great experience when you fly over all these monuments to glide majestically over this greatness by riding a hot air balloon, while you can spend a stunning night at the Light and Sound show at Luxor Temple. After your wonderful tour in Luxor, prepare to complete your way of history in Egypt cities, sailing through a felucca to Aswan City to live other time with the pharaohs while nature purifies your soul and the Nubian culture charm your spirit.

 Aswan_ Egypt Cities

The suspense will begin when Phiala Temple, the jewel of the temples, appears in transfiguration while you are in the middle of the Nile; at this moment, you will stand a minute in an amazing dream of making a great jump to arrive as quickly as possible to this masterpiece while you sail through the same way of Osiris Nile procession when coming from Abydos to visit his wife, the goddess Isis in the majestic attendance of the king, the queen, priests, and nobles.

Rare tropical plants surround you, the refreshing air touches your face, and you are amid the Nile water in the Agelica Island where you are in this majestic temple with its great building that contains in its folds many secrets about the Pharaonic civilization until you reach the Roman era and beyond.

You will dream that you go back in time to the Pharaonic era to participate in building a temple or even see how it was established, watching the ancient Egyptians carry stones to build history, at this time you will find Edfu Temple, the second-largest temple in Egypt cities and in the world, invites you.

Edfu temple is where you feel that the ancient Egyptians had just raised their hands out of this temple walls and buildings; the inscriptions on its walls provide important information about language, mythology, and religion during the Hellenistic era in Egypt. In particular, the engraved temple building texts “provide details on each of who participated in building it, and also preserve information about the mythological interpretation of this and all other temples such as the island of creation.”

There are also “important scenes and inscriptions of sacred dramas relating to the ancient struggle between Horus and Seth.”

Complete your sailing via the magical water of the Nile, till arriving at Kom Ombo Temple, The Temple of Kom Ombo, which was built in 180 BC, is unique as a double temple that was dedicated to worshiping two ancient Egyptian deities, namely Sobek, who is embodied in the form of a crocodile, and Horus the Great with the head of a falcon, to see the meanings of the freedom of belief of the ancient Egyptians represented in front of your eyes.

When touching the sands of Kom Ombo, which protected the great monuments and kept them shiny for thousands of years, Abu Simple Temple will wait for you, where you will be in the ancient Egyptians’ miracles in astronomy, engineering, and architecture, especially because of the annual phenomenon of perpendicularity, which is the perpendicularity of the sun on three statues, they are the god Ra’a Harakhti, King Ramses II, and the statue of the god Amun, while perpendicular to the statue of the god Ptah, the god of darkness is prevented. Then cross via Nefertari Temple.

This temple was carved in the rocks of the mountain, which the ancient Egyptians called “the pure mountain” or “the northern mountain.” And before the construction of the Nefertari temple, the local people would come to this mountain because they believed that the spirit of the goddess Hathor lived inside this mountain, and King Ramses exploited the belief of the people of Abu Simbel and carved A temple dedicated to each of his wife, Queen Nefertari and the goddess Hathor.

Every time you will visit a temple, you will be amazed by the high obelisks that illuminate the whole temple, touching the sun; however, how the ancient Egyptians had built this great high obelisk and how they had raised it!

You can see all these details visibly in the Unfinished Oblisk. Then to one of the greatest projects in Egypt cities, seeing the Aswan High Dam while the water runs between its sides, to irrigate and feed all over Egypt cities.

One of the great Egypt cities calls you to plunge into its magical history, while the blue water of the Mediterranean sea with fresh air accompanies you. It is Alexandria.

Alexandria_ Egypt Cities

An abundance of decorations that mix the Roman, Greek, and Pharaonic cultures and their believes about the afterlife are representing in front of you while you are in one of the most important burial sites in Egypt cities with a unique design that is featured with the complexity of planning, it is the Catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa.

Then follow the Mediterranean Sea on Alexandria Corniche till arriving at the ruins of one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Pharos lighthouse, to find the strongest citadel on the Mediterranean coast in an area of ​​17550 square meters, it is the Citadel of Qaitbay.

Start your way to attend a Romanic concert from the 4th century and an important official meeting with the ancient Greeks in the Roman Amphitheater Alexandria, you will find in this historical city that was built by Alexander the Great, he had put his touch in a small village to be a great city that includes a lot of masterpieces of the world’s monuments even under its water, as you will find the remains of Cleopatra’s palace around the sunken island of Antirhodos and the Lighthouse of Alexandria.

Then be prepared for a great surprise, it is the largest memorial column in Egypt cities and the world with historical stones that date back to the pharaonic era, it is the Pompey Pillar.

In the city of Knowledge for the Roman Empire, you have to visit a place that includes the rare collection of original manuscripts, unique books, historical maps, ancient coins to live how was the source of Knowledge in the Roman era looks like, it is the Bibliotheca Alexandrina.

The Alexandria sea will attract your soul to eager more magic, but it will be the time to live the charm of nature in the red sea of Egypt cities.

Things To Do In Hurghada & Sharm El-Sheik Cities_ The Top of Egypt Cities with Alluring Nature

Coral reefs, and brilliant formations, teeming with unique amazing marine life of myriad colorful fish, endangered sea turtles, and rare aquatic life are waiting for you in many places in the Hugrada and Sharm-El sheik resorts, to dive into Ras Mohamed, Thistlegorm Dive Site, the blue hole Dahab Jolanda Reef Dive Site, Jackson Reef Dive Site, Naama Bay Resort, Abu Nuhas Wrecks, Rosalie Moller Wreck.

While you find some beaches do not need to dive into deep it will be best to snorkeling into 100 meters and enjoy spending the best times with Countless color fishes, marine creatures, and coral reefs in the Ras Umm Sid Beach.

There you will realize the charm of nature in Egypt cities, as countless places will refresh your soul and dazzle your eyes.

When going out of the sea, you will find the charming of nature surrounds you, and the warm white sky is full of birds which will make you have a feeling that they are coming from paradise, while you stand on the soft yellow sand to look at the pure blue water.

However, do not leave the sea to steal all your time, since you have to take the Desert Safari adventure while riding a camel or even on a quad biking, wandering around the stunning desert and the mountains surround you to find the suspense waiting for you to climb Mount Muses.

You can climb the Mountain of  Saint Catherine, one of the miracles of Egypt cities, where you find the colored canyon; it is an amazing of colorful sandy rocks forms like cliffs that resemble a dry riverbed dyed in the colors “yellow, purple, red and gold,” where you feel that you are in a dream, while you live the charm of the eastern desert spend nice times with the Beduimn while the candles illuminate your night.

You can look at the unique variety of Flora, Fauna lifelike, which you will see in a Ras Mohamed, which is the home of many beautiful birds and many important unique animals. The charming of Egypt cities does not end yet.

While you live the allure of the desert nature, realize that Egypt cities still have more to live in the Siwa Oasis, Fayum, and history still need to reveal a lot of its secrets in the Rosetta Egypt and Dahshour. Actually, your tour inside Egypt cities means countless alluring places to visit, a dazzling treasure to see, and amazing activities to do.

That is how Egypt cities are your way to the real magic, where you can spend the most remarkable times at your life. If you have not lived the charm of Egypt cities, do not let any reason stop you from living it now.

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