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10 Reasons to book an All inclusive trip to Egypt

All inclusive travel to Egypt is going to be your best choice if you look for a headache-free holiday in Egypt. Let us tell you the reasons and how these reasons started.

In the past few years traveling to Egypt has faced many changes which reflected on tourists’ budget to visit Egypt; To Absorb the situation you must first understand that Egypt tourism has gone through a very hard time since 2011! It was the rise up or what so-called “the Arab Spring”.

Most importantly, just a few months before this year, tourism was so active in Egypt, and love 14 million travelers were visiting Egypt every year. After the rise up, many visitors have decided to change their travel destination to other countries, which affected people work on tourism and the started to lower the package rates. Hopefully, this will bring tourists to Egypt one more time! But unfortunately, it was a very slow travel movement arriving in Egypt. Since the rates were too low, workers in the travel business started to depend more on tipping; This made tipping one of the main factors of their livings. Since this time baksheesh, “tipping” has become one of the things irritating tourists in Egypt.

On the other hand, some more factors played the same role; For example, drinks, optional tours, and entry visas to Egypt. Those are the items that most travel agents in Egypt exclude to lower the package rate. However, tourists pay for it on their holiday. This is the reason why I highly recommend travelers to book Egypt All inclusive travel Packages which includes everything. 

Here are 10 reasons why you should book your Egypt vacation packages all inclusive:

1- You would have a memorable trip to the pyramids

Along with the immense grandeur of Giza’s stunning Pyramids and you will even find excitement in the never-sleeping Egyptian streets. You would love as well the scene of the great sphinx protecting the pyramids as well as its unmistakable features of having a lion body denoting power and a human head denoting wisdom. An all inclusive trip to Egypt would be including entrance fees to all pyramids. You will have the opportunity to enter the great pyramid and enjoy a camel ride too.

Egypt Tours Packages

Memorable trip to the Pyramids

2- Feel very comfortable not to worry about small change

Egypt All inclusive trips packages are your best choice to avoid looking for small change if you need to tip a bellman or a driver.

3- Your soft drinks in Egypt is not an issue anymore

Restaurants in Egypt always overcharge for soft drinks while you have a meal; All inclusive vacation packages to Egypt always include all soft drinks at restaurants and during your tours as well.

4- Ticket offices in Egypt sites won’t accept your dollar!

Entrance fees to sites in Egypt are something you must think about before traveling. Moreover, covering major sites in Cairo, Luxor and Aswan could cost you over 150$. Travel to Egypt all inclusive is your best choice to include all the entrance fees in Egypt.

5- Egypt all inclusive packages has NO extra or hidden excursions

The term “optional tours” might confuse you while you are taking the step to book your vacation package to Egypt. Simply optional means extra, the site with this term means you will have to pay for it while you are in Egypt! All-inclusive Egypt travel packages won’t confuse you; It’s crystal clear that your itinerary won’t exclude any site stated.

6- Get Full board stay instead of B.B with Egypt all inclusive packages

Most tour packages to Egypt mention that your stay at hotels is B.B “Bed and Breakfast; This might cause you to pay a lot of money to have a meal at your hotel. On the other hand, Egypt vacation packages all inclusive will be always full board or half board and lunch during your day tour.

7- Personalize your trip with Egypt all inclusive packages

Looking for a tour package to Egypt that is more personalized and tailored for your interests while still having an access to welcome and get to know other tourists. A big advantage of the all inclusive travel to Egypt is being a bit isolated from the bustling crowds.  As you discover Egypt’s hidden gems and form a bond with your own family or group.

Cairo day tours and trips

Personalize your trip to Egypt

8- Tour the Nile in style

Enjoy the scenery of the Nile from a sailing tour that brings you all the way down to the world’s largest museum, the city of Luxor, and Aswan. You will pass by extremely old sights, such as Crocodil and Falcone Temples; With an all inclusive trip to Egypt, you can find really special options designed specifically for families and single visitors.

9- Get headache-free Beach Holidays in Egypt

Egypt all inclusive travel packages bring you a very modern experience in the red sea towns, where you will dive, cruise, desert camping, and touring the city’s attractions, fancy, and local cafes. All are included in the package rate. 

10- It includes Egypt visa, internet, and sim card

With all inclusive Egypt trip packages, you will be receiving an extra fancy service and a more comfortable Egyptian journey. It includes an entry visa to Egypt, internet usage, and a sim card with an Egyptian number.

Things to do in your Egypt all inclusive package

Visit all Ancient Sites of Egypt

Marvel at the amazing pyramids while being surrounded by the rich and renowned history that the Egyptian pharaohs have left for future generations to treasure. Visit Luxor to view the Great Sphinx and learn about the real legends of the pharaohs. A Nile sailing excursion is usually included in Luxor trips, which adds to the peacefulness of the experience. This package starts at $990 and goes up from there.

Enjoy Unique places in Egypt

Egypt All-inclusive packages are the best for anyone interested in learning more about the attractions in Egypt and having a more genuine experience. You can receive a one-of-a-kind perspective on everything on your itinerary.

Luxury All-inclusive packages to Egypt

With a luxury all inclusive travel package to Egypt, you will be given a more premium service and an Egyptian tour that is much more enjoyable in the land of the Nile. Check our All inclusive trips to Egypt if you wish to journey backward in history.

All inclusive Christmas packages in Egypt

Egypt’s milder winters will create such an exceptional feeling for both New Year’s Eve and Christmas, so no more hiding from the cold. To enjoy the Egyptian Christmas and New Year fireworks, purchase an all inclusive package to Egypt for your Christmas trip.


Travel Egypt in Small Group

Looking for a more customized itinerary that allows you to meet up other vacationers? Being able to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life is a key benefit of this package. As you discover Egypt’s hidden riches and form friendships and connection among the small group you are traveling with, you will sense a growing affinity between you and Egypt. Spend some time floating over the Red Sea at Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, or Marsa Alam if you want to relax and focus on the present. All inclusive package in Egypt will be one of your favorite and most unforgettable vacations to Egypt.

Must see and do in Egypt

Egypt all inclusive vacations will let you find exhilaration in the Egyptian streets that never go quiet, in addition to the overwhelming awe at the sight of Giza’s stunning Pyramids. The spectacle of the colossal sphinx standing in power sheltering the pyramids is a favorite scene, as well as its distinguishing traits of a lion body indicating power and a human head expressing intellect, would also appeal to you. The unforgettable experience of seeing the amazing pyramids is the first reason why everyone feels Egypt holds a special place among the world’s civilizations.

You may desire to dive into the sunset golden hues while riding a felucca in Egypt during the sunset. Riding a camel into Sahara Desert or a Donkey to Luxor’s Valley of the Kings is also a fantastic idea and participating in water activities in the Red Sea’s spectacular splendor and mirror-like clarity. These are among the specific instances in Egypt when it feels seem like time has stood motionless.

Can I travel to Egypt on my own?

All inclusive vacations to Egypt provide you with a tour guide escorting you to all the historical sites on your plan will avoid scams that might pay you more than what you should pay in local markets. Local experts and Egyptologists will get you easily everywhere without risking being lost in Egypt’s not really straightforward streets, additionally, they will offer you a great help narrating for you stories of the monuments you visit, for example, Tutankhamun’s golden mask. They will be in your company visiting the great pyramids to Ramses the second passing by Memphis.

Organizing your daily activities when you are not in your home country might be a hassle, that is why booking with Egypt United Tours will be doing you a favor since they reserve all the tickets and hotels you would need in your trip before you come to Egypt and offer you an excellent tour guide who will plan each day’s activities and visits for you.

While visiting the amazing antiques and the heritage that the ancient pharaohs have left for you, you will be discovering the beginnings of very genuine and strong civilization. The antiques and monuments you will be crossing by are almost one-third of the world’s monuments. As known for everyone who loves traveling is that it is a process of discovering oneself more than it is about discovering countries. 

 Why us for your Egypt all inclusive travel package

With Egypt United Tours’ all inclusive vacation packages, you can indulge yourself in the very rich Egyptian history. This site was created by original travelers and experts for everybody who wants to plan and enhance their trip to Egypt. Normally, the pharaonic experience and adventure, particularly the magnificent pyramids, are essential in our programs.

Enjoy the scenery of the Nile on a sailing journey that takes you all the way to the world’s largest museum, Luxor, and Aswan. You’ll pass through historic attractions like Kom Ombo Temple, as well as more modern experiences like diving, cruising, desert camping, and seeing the city’s attractions and eateries in the Red Sea towns. You may acquire extremely specialized arrangements for parties or lone travelers. Our reservations and bookings are simple and straightforward to complete online, and we provide a fair cancellation policy. Choose the best package for you and get ready for a fantastic all inclusive holiday to Egypt.