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Enjoy the best Luxor Day Tours; We offer great trips in and out of Luxor. All our excursions are fully escorted with an expert tour guide and a modern a/c vehicle.

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Related FAQ

Is Luxor Egypt worth visiting?

Without a question, you need to visit Luxor City at least once in your life. While the pyramids is usually the first historical destination that tourists think of when they wonder about visiting Egypt, the true treasure of the ancient world lies almost 500 kilometers south of there. The world has dubbed Luxor city "the largest open-air museum" and "the metropolis that possesses one-third of the world's history." By visiting Luxor, Egypt, you may journey back in time to a period of gods and pharaohs, temples and tombs, tales, and glittering treasures.

How many days do you need in Luxor?

If you are going to spend so much effort, time, and money to visit the beautiful land of Egypt and explore its treasures, you will need to try making it worth it. At least three nights visit in Luxor would be enough to get its full spirit and visit its famed destinations, such as the Valley of the Kings, its two to three Noble Tombs, Hatshepsut’s Temple, Deir El Medina which is known as the Workers’ Village and for its two immaculate tombs, and many other locations such as Medinet Habu Temple. If spending three days at Luxor city isn’t suitable at all for you, a couple of days would be sufficient but a bit tiring.

Why should I visit Luxor?

The famed destinations in Luxor are several; promise you will never run out of options. The west and east bank sides of the Nile have significance and place in ancient Egyptians’ hearts. The God of the sun, Amun, was the most significant deity for Egyptians. Choosing to visit Luxor Temple, Karnak Temple, and Hatshepsut’s temple, and the Valley of the Kings will be delightful and enjoyable for any visitor. This city’s character is undoubtedly outstanding, so you may want to purchase a souvenir from the local shops there.

Is Aswan or Luxor better?

Aswan has an edge over Luxor in terms of culture; however it all depends on your choices and personal inclinations. For illustration, if you should go on a day trip to Abu Simbel temple or discover more about the ancient Nubian culture that still exists in and around Aswan, Aswan is the place to go. Others choose Luxor for a multitude of reasons, including its historical abundance of antiquities, artifacts, monuments, and temples; Luxor is Egypt's city is very historically rich with monuments and places.

Is 2 days in Luxor enough?

The majority of tourists to Egypt come from outside, and many of them fly for 24 hours. You would really like to get the most out of your stay if you're flying such a great distance. Luxor's key sites, such as the Noble Tombs (two or three tombs), the Valley of the Kings, Hatshepsut's Temple, Deir El Medina (two excellent tombs), Medinet Habu Temple, and others, usually take three days to tour. If time is an issue, two days will be enough, although it will be challenging.

Can you walk around Luxor?

You certainly can! And, while it is straightforward, it may be inefficient, especially if this is your first visit. Former tourists often recommend joining a tour group because exploring Luxor on your own can get a bit overwhelming. Luxor is rich with many ancient structures and things to offer that touring each temple and tomb would take several days and a large sum of money! The tour guide will assist, support you, and they will be very helpful to send annoying sellers away from you and spot any overpriced products. If you shop alone, there is a good probability that you may be deceived.

How long is the train ride from Cairo to Luxor?

There is, in fact, a railway operation that goes from Cairo to Luxor on a regular basis. Lines run every two hours and are open 24 hours a day. The trip requires from your time around 9h 53m to arrive the city, so if you are concerned about the time, you can consider local flights. There are about 418 miles between the two cities. Including the first train tickets are fairly cheap, so you have nothing to stress about.

How do you get around the Luxor?

If you are looking for a practical and cost-effective method for touring Luxor, The tour bus and bicycle are ideal ways of mobility in Luxor. Transportation might be a bit stressful when you are alone in Luxor city, and taxi drivers tend to overcharge visitors who do not bargain the charges. In this circumstance, Uber is an excellent option.

How much does it cost to visit the Valley of the Kings?

Adult tickets cost 100 Egyptian pounds (approximately $11), while student tickets cost 50 Egyptian pounds (about $6) and are obtainable at the entrance's arrival gate. All tickets provide entrance to three tombs, although viewing Tutankhamun's, Ay's, and Ramses VI's tombs will incur additional charges.

How long does it take to tour the Valley of the Kings?

For more leisurely and tranquil excursions, you might try to have a companion or a guide and plan on spending a couple of hours there, along with a visit to three monumental tombs. When you add three additional tombs to the list, a tour of the Valley of the Kings can take about three hours which makes a total of 6 tombs.

Can you take photos in Valley of the Kings?

Photographing inside the Valley of the Kings' graves was illegal in 2006. Nowadays, numerous tombs allow you to take pictures provided you have a photography ticket. The Valley of the Kings' primary ticket now includes admission to eight tombs. With your admission ticket, you can visit three of these tombs. If you desire to explore more than three burials, you will also have to buy a separate ticket.

Is Valley of the Kings safe?

Year-round, from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. or 5 p.m., the Valley of the Kings is also accessible till 4 p.m. or 5 p.m. At all of the venues, security is everwhere. It's completely risk-free and doesn't necessitate the employment of a tour guide.

How do you cross the Nile at the Luxor?

Regular service of public boats connects the East and West Banks, leaving from a dock near the Luxor Temple and letting passengers off at the Al Qarna Road on the West Bank. The Nile has traditionally been used to transport goods along its length, and it is a very enjoyable experience for all visitors to witness the wildlife of the Nile and the historical treasures on its sides.

Can you do a day trip from Cairo to Luxor?

It is possible to fly from Cairo to Luxor in one day; however, you may not have time for enough exploration. You must be at the city's center to see this magnificent temple complex. Intend to see the West Bank for one day and the Karnak and Luxor temples for a couple of days.

Is it safe to visit Luxor?

Yes, it is quite secure. Hassle isn't hazardous; it's just inconvenient. Security is nearly universal, but to avoid scams while purchasing souvenirs, tour guides would be beneficial in keeping you completely secure and in informing you about what you see at big landmarks and temples.

Is Luxor better than Cairo?

Despite its dirt, pollution, and congestion, Cairo is a fantastic city. Luxor is more relaxed and delightful in several aspects (apart from the masses of tourists and holidaymakers), but Cairo is a more genuine and realistic modern-day Egypt experience. Despite its amazing perspectives, the Luxor area is a tourist town and not a "real" community.

What is the west bank of Luxor?

The West Bank of Luxor was where ancient Egyptians buried their dead. The necropolis, or burial site, was named for the fact that the sun sets on the West Bank every night. Ancient Egyptians built those temples for worshiping of the deceased rulers and were afterward adopted especially for his dedication while he was still living.

What is in the Valley of the Kings?

The Valley was used for monarchs' burials from 1539 BC until 1075 BC. It includes at least 63 tombs, with non-royal burials ongoing in appropriated graves, spanning from Thutmose I (or maybe earlier, during Amenhotep I's reign) until Ramesses X or XI.

Why were temples built on the west bank of the Nile River?

The West Bank of Luxor is significant and known as the land of the royal dead, and since those buried bodies are for the royals and the people who ruled in ancient Egypt. Egyptians chose this side of the Nile for it is the place where sunsets take place, resembles where the sun buries itself each day given that ancient Egyptians worshipped the sun in that time. Those temples was used for worshipping those deceased rulers and adoring those rulers when there were still alive

What can you do at the Luxor Temple?

Luxor Temple's spectacular temples and tombs will astonish you; it is a great place to shoot photos with your smartphone. Outside the Luxor Temple, there was a huge peristyle court with a network of halls and chambers. In one of the halls, there is a granite shrine to Alexander the Great. A double row of beautiful papyrus-cluster columns surrounds the vast three sides of the peristyle courtyard.

What's special about Luxor?

It was known as Nut, Waset, in the Coptic language and Thebes or Diospolis to the Greeks. You can find it inside the boundaries of the modern city. Luxor has been labeled the "world's finest open-air museum" since this remnants of the temple complexes at Karnak and Luxor may be seen inside the modern city.

Why is the Luxor famous?

Many people consider it to be the world's best open-air museum because it has some of the most stunning temples, such as Queen Hatshepsut Temple, the Valley of the Kings, Luxor Temple, and Karnak Temple, which exhibit many magnificent ruins that span back to ancient Egypt and remnants, antiqued treasures.

How long is train from Luxor to Aswan?

It's around 129 miles between the two cities. It takes three hours to reach your destination. The cost of a train ticket from Luxor to Aswan varies depending on how far in advance you obtain the tickets. If you reserve a ticket beforehand, you may get a ticket for $10.

Is there Uber in Luxor?

Ride-sharing services such as Lyft and Uber are not available in Luxor. You will be coming easily across a daily public boat service that connects the East and West Banks, operating from a harbor near the Luxor Temple and depositing passengers off at Al Qarna Road in the West Bank.

How do I get from Luxor to Abu Simbel?

The shortest way to travel from Luxor to Abu Simbel temples is by train and aircraft, which charges $150 to $330 and takes 5 hours and 16 minutes. The distance between Luxor’s and Abu Simbel’s temples is almost 388 kilometers. The whole distance is 477.5 kilometers, which would require over 2.5 hours to be reached by rail service.

Is Hatshepsut temple in Luxor?

You will be spotting this spectacular temple on the other side of the Nile River from Luxor. Pharaoh Hatshepsut of Egypt's Eighteenth Dynasty built the Temple of Hatshepsut (Egyptian: sr-srw, meaning "Holy of Holies") during his reign. It's regarded as an antique architectural masterpiece.

How many steps does Hatshepsut Temple have?

The Temple of Hatshepsut is a half-rock edifice. The ground rooms are connected by a sculpted shrine in the rock. The temple is made up of three terrace steps that rise over one another and are connected by elegant stair-ramps.

Can you go inside the Temple of Hatshepsut?

That this would be a shame if you didn't enter the temple; such a waste of effort. Every year, the temple is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.; try to visit early in the morning to avoid the heat. Ancient Thebes is home to various archaeological gems, notably Hatshepsut's temple, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

How far is Luxor Temple from the Karnak Temple?

It takes 6 minutes to get from Karnak Temple to Luxor Temple. The Karnak complex is called after El-Karnak, a nearby and partially surrounded modern hamlet 2.5 kilometres (1.6 miles) north of Luxor. Luxor, also known as "the Harem of the South," was connected to Karnak by a 3km (2-mile) long processional Road of Sphinxes (4th century BC), of which some remains evident and the rest is currently being unearthed.

Can you visit the Temple of Karnak?

As previously noted, the amazing Karnak Temple Complex is open to the public. Every day of the year, the Karnak Temple is accessible from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. during the summer; 6:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. during the winter. You may purchase tickets in advance through the help of Egypt United Tours.

Is Luxor Temple the same as Karnak?

They are independent temples, yet they are near to one another. The temples of the two principal gods on the east bank are known as Karnak and Luxor. Luxor Temple, unlike the other temples at Luxor, is neither designated to worship an Egyptian god or a deified figure of deceased pharaohs.

How much is ticket for Karnak Temple?

The following are the admission costs for Luxor's three main tourist attractions; the rates are per person in Egyptian Pounds. Tickets to the Karnak Temple and the Karnak "Open Air Museum" are 200 LE, however, the Karnak Sound and Light Show costs 300 LE.
The Luxor Temple ticket costs 160 Egyptian pounds.

Why is the temple at Karnak so famous?

The Karnak Temple was constructed in 2055 BC and survived until the year 100 AD. Egyptians created this holy temple to serve the gods Amun, Mut, and Kohnsu as a shrine of adoration. Because it was the holiest edifice ever erected, the Karnak Temple was regarded as "the chosen place" by ancient Egyptians.

Does the Nile run through Luxor?

Indeed, it is in fact an important landmark; there are east and west banks to the river that runs through Luxor. Luxor's prominent characteristic is the Nile River which adds a lot to the majesty of the place, which serves as a method of transport and Luxor’s Egyptian spirit. The Nile has long been used to transport goods throughout its entirety; Khartoum, Aswan, Luxor (Thebes), and the Giza – Cairo conurbation are all Nile towns. The first falls is the nearest to the river's mouth, situated north of the Aswan Dam.

Is it better to stay in Aswan or Luxor?

While both are suitable for your stay, the bulk of visitors will favour Aswan. While Aswan is not objectively better than Luxor, it does have significant advantages. If you want to see Abu Simbel temple or understand much more about the old Nubian civilization that still survives in Aswan, for instance.

How long is the cruise from Luxor to Aswan?

The Nile Cruise takes 5 days from Luxor to Aswan and 4 days from Aswan to Luxor. The extraordinary natural grandeur of the Nile may be savored for four days extrusion. As you plan for all the costs related to your Egypt holiday, taking a Nile River cruise would cost you the least prices.

What is Luxor Egypt known for?

Luxor, once known as Thebes, was the ancient kingdom's capital; it is today known as the world's biggest open-air museum, holding some of Egypt's most ancient landmarks, tombs, and artifacts. The Valley of the Kings, Luxor Temple, Queen Hatshepsut Temple, and Karnak Temple, for example, are among Egypt's most stunning remains and antiqued artifacts.

What are things to do in Luxor Egypt?

Here are 6 of Luxor's Best Destinations and Inexpensive Day Trips. If you wish to go on a Luxor trip. Temple of Karnak, comprising the temple complex, Valley of the Kings, Luxor Temple, Temple of Deir al-Bahri (Queen Hatshepsut's Temple), Medinet Habu, and Tombs of the Nobles are among the sites visited. You could choose to take a dawn hot air balloon ride above Luxor or a Felucca trip to Banana Island. Luxor city attracts a large number of tourists who purchase mementos for their households.

Is it safe to drive from Luxor to Hurghada?

For inexperienced Egyptians, navigating between Luxor, Egypt's historic city, and Hurghada, the major local center for many Red Sea scuba diving spots which is the main attraction, is quite difficult. It's quite unsafe, with numerous head-on crashes that might end in tragedies, especially for lone non-Egyptian drivers. Because of the insufficient quality of road illumination, we wouldn’t encourage driving at night.

How much is a taxi from Hurghada to Luxor?

Taking a taxi from Hurghada to Luxor takes 3 hours and 54 minutes and costs $160 to $180. The cheapest way to get from Luxor to Hurghada is via bus, which costs $20 and requires 4h 30m. The time duration difference isn’t so much, so you might go for the cheapest option.

How do you get from Hurghada to Luxor?

If you don't have a car, the simplest option to get from Hurghada to Luxor is via bus, which takes 4 hours and 30 minutes and costs $20 (including transfers) twice a day. The most cost-efficient way to travel from Luxor to Hurghada is by using this route. It's also possible to take a domestic flight.

Can you visit Luxor from Hurghada?

Traveling from Luxor to Hurghada is a viable alternative. In case you don’t have plenty of time, you may fly to Hurghada, but it will be rather pricey. The bus ticket charges only $20which makes the bus service the most practical alternative, but you'll be on the highway for four and a half hours. Traveling alone is not a safe choice, particularly if you are unfamiliar with Egyptian roadways.

Is it safe to drive from Hurghada to Luxor?

Driving between Luxor, Egypt's historic metropolis, and Hurghada, the regional headquarters for numerous the Red Sea scuba diving sites, can be challenging for unskilled Egyptians. Because of the poor quality of road lights, driving alone at night is not recommended, particularly for lone tourists.

How many days in Luxor is enough?

Three days would be enough and rewarding to explore the touristic destinations of Luxor city, especially for tourists who spend more than a day flying from their home country to Egypt. An example of those attractions is Deir El Medina (the Workers' Village - two exquisite tombs), Medinet Habu Temple, the Valley of the Kings, and Hatshepsut's Temple, the Noble Tombs (set of two or set of three tombs). Spending a couple of days could be a bit more overwhelming, but a lot of tourists do that.

What airlines fly from Luxor to Cairo?

The most prominent airlines that fly straight from Luxor to Cairo are Egypt Air, Aegean Airlines, Etihad Airways, Nile Air, Air Canada, and Gulf Air. In less than 2 hours, you will be in Cairo. This alternative may be a little pricier, but it is definitely worth the money in case you are short in time.

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