Cairo Airport

Cairo Airport

Cairo Airport Is Your Gate To Majestic History To Travel Via Eras

Fly to Cairo while you think about the wonder that you will see; The greatest civilization the ancient world had witnessed waiting for you with majestic monuments with unparalleled heights and genius architectural designs while a lot of decorations uncover secrets about each detail of the ancient Egyptians life, to feel like they come back to narrate for you; then to go through another era of Roman, and Ptolemaic eras until the Islamic period with its unique, distinctive architectural designs that transcend time and space, to find your plane lands at the Cairo Airport.

While you are eager to see those monuments that have been waiting for you thousands of years ago and your soul is longing to see the beauty of nature that is in the nature reserves and oases to feel as if you are living in a piece of paradise and then the beaches will accompany you with its clear sky and blue seas rich in rare marine life and coral reefs of bright colors, you will find the smiley faces waiting for you with a warm welcoming in the airport.

Cairo International Airport

Egyptair Cairo
by Håkan Dahlström

Cairo Airport is the first point, where you will deal with the Egyptian people to find that Egypt is not only amazing by the remarkable sightseeings in the world, but also by the Egyptian people with their kind hearts and pure smiles. The Egyptian people are known well they are helpful persons, so you can end all your measures easily.

Cairo International Airport (CAI) consists of four takeoff and landing terminals

  • The 1st Terminal: it is 05L / 23R and is 3,300 meters long and 60 meters wide, and is located in the northern direction of the airport. It is for airlines that do not belong to Star Alliance.
  • The 2nd Terminal: it is 05C / 23C and is 4000 meters long and 60 meters wide, and is located in the southern direction of the airport. This terminal is directly connected to Terminal 3.
  • The 3rd Terminal, is for the International and Domestic services. It is at the airport 05R / 23L with 4,000 meters long and 65 meters wide, and located in the southern direction of the airport next to runway 05C / 23C.
  • The 4th terminal is a Seasonal Terminal for only the Hajj season.

All these Terminals, excepting the Seasonal Terminal, are connected via a metro people mover.

About the Cairo International Airport.

Cairo Airport is about 22 kilometers away from downtown Cairo in the northeastern direction. The area of ​​the airport is about 40 million square meters, and it is considered the air gateway to Egypt and the continent of Africa. It is the second-largest airport on the continent. There are more than 65 airlines using the airport; Egypt Air has the largest chunk of operations in the airport, taking up to 61 percent of all departure slots.

The importance of Cairo International Airport increases, especially after Egypt Air joined the Star Alliance and transformed Cairo Airport into a hub airport linking Africa, the Middle East, and Europe, to collect transit passengers and take them to all airports in the world.

An Internal Path, Cairo Airport Terminal 3

An Internal Path, Cairo Airport Terminal 3
by Andrew A. Shenouda

Transports From & To Cairo International Airport.

  • Shuttle bus and public transportation services are available at CAI Airport to all Cairo directions and for other Governorates destinations.
  • Official taxis are located at the exit of the airport; it will take just 45 minutes to arrive at the Down Town.
  • You can rent a car at Cairo Airport to any needed destination; Also, you can book via Uber or Careem Apps.
  • From any destination in Cairo or any other Governorate, you will find a lot of transport that will easily arrive at Cairo Airport; Also, this is including shuttle buses, Taxis, and rented cars.
Cairo Airport

by markhillary

Airport Facilities

The automatic train

It is a train to transport passengers between the three airport buildings; and the project was implemented to serve the passengers traveling and arriving, as well as the recipients and depositors so that they can move from one building to another in the airport without effort or trouble; On the other hand, it is a free service without any charge.

The length of the train track is 1857 meters, the journey time is 5 minutes; In addition, the number of stations is four stations each passenger building No. 1, the mall and multi-story garage, the terminal building No. 2, and finally the terminal building No. 3.


The airport has large parking facilities in order to make the most of the airport’s land area.

Medical Facilities and Pharmacies

The Ministry of Health, through the medical clinic and quarantine, provides the necessary medical services to passengers and employees through the medical and nurses’ teams around the clock and takes the necessary health measures and prevention measures.

There is also a veterinary quarantine clinic with regard to the medical certificates of animals and the follow-up of the authorized breeds to prevent the spread of certain diseases or certain strains that harm the external environment, as well as the management of pharmaceutical release.

Cairo International Airport

Cairo Airport
by markhillary

Hotels Near To Cairo International Airport.

If you need to stay in a hotel near Cair airport and within just a few minutes far away from it there are multiple choices; Each hotel offers high-quality service with luxurious accommodations and comfortable facilities; For example, Le Meridien Cairo Airport, Le Passage Cairo Hotel & Casino, Novotel Cairo Airport, Sheraton ocean 401, The Terminal 2 Stay, and Waterfront Designer 2BR w Pool Access.

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