Best Time to visit Egypt

Best Time to visit Egypt

How To Make Each Minute Along The Year is The Best Time To Visit Egypt

With a clear sky and refreshing weather, you can have the best times in Egypt, visiting all the tourism places, walking around its glorious streets to know more about its culture and the customs of its people and to taste the beautiful popular food. So, each minute in Egypt will be a charming time. As if the eras will stop to take you within it wonder; reveal the secrets of majestic history, seeing by your own eyes thousands of years running through your eyes when visiting magnificent monuments where the history sends its fabulous breezes to take your soul to the magic.

best time to visit egypt

That is how your visit to Egypt will make minutes in your life you can not forget, especially if you book your trip from October to April, as this clear weather lasts five months, that is considered the best time to visit Egypt.

the winter season in Egypt

Within the winter season, you can visit and climb the tombs, do a necropolis tour, and visit the desert and south Egypt, where the ancient Pharaonic antiquities were set while the warmth mixed with fresh air will give you a more comfortable feeling. Going around Egypt during this fresh weather touch your face, giving you a unique atmosphere that will encourage you to live more adventure, swimming, diving, soaking up the Egyptian sun in the stunning red sea in Egypt.

So, April and May will be the best times to visit Egypt. But keep in mind that Egypt along the year gives you the chance to make each minute in your tour at this cradle of the civilization is the best in your whole life to spend real minutes in completely magic. Each season has its unique atmosphere with a charming soul; you will live in Egypt, which will you feel that it is the best time to visit Egypt.

best time to visit egypt

How visiting Egypt is a fantastic time that you will spend at all times!

  • From March To June, It is the springtime and is considered the best time for tourists, especially there is a national festival that is related to pharaohs customs, which is called “Sham El Nessem,” in this festival all Egyptians, going to the green gardens, on the Nile or visiting the Zoo, and eating traditional national food.
  • From December To February, It is wintertime, so you will not find any trouble in vising Egypt’s ancient sights that are located in desert regions.
  • Even in Summer Season, you will find your entertainment as there are less crowded tourism trips, so you will be more close to the Egyptians to know more and live with them their lives, and may spend a particular time in the year with special custom, which is Ramadan that coms commonly in Summer. Just drink more water, and that will be peace for you.

Nile Cruises, Red Sea and Holidays

  • For Nile cruise booking, it will be better from October to April, as the temperature will be manageable and comfortable more, far away from the sharp sunlight.
  • June to September is the best time for the Red Sea, as the summer on the coast is much cooler than in the interior. Average summer temperatures at popular beach resort Hurghada hover at around 84 degrees F. Inside the sea is a balmy 80 degrees F, so it is perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving.
  • Christmas and New Year is also the best time to visit Egypt but rates are too high, as Egypt is one of the Best Winter Travel Destinations in the World.
  • Egypt people celebrate Christmas twice 24th December and 7th January, between this period Egypt receives thousands of tourists from allover the World, most of them visit upper Egypt, Luxor and Aswan, while the Red Sea specially Hurghada city accommodates the most number of tourists, as this beautiful city on the Red Sea has very worm weather in Winter Season along with the fascinating worm beaches.
  • Finally, Egypt is an amazing country and the best time to visit Egypt can be anytime even Summer Season, once you plan your trip well and get a good idea of the sites working hours, you can go early in the morning, enjoy your day by the pool and the Summer evenings in Egypt is fun.

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Related FAQ

What is the hottest month in Egypt?

Hottest Months in Egypt

The hottest months are typically June through August, with January being the coolest. Rainfall is nearly non-existent, with the exception of around the coast, and only occurs during the winter months (December–March).

What is the cheapest time to go to Egypt?

The months of January, November, and December are considered high season. March is the cheapest month to fly to Egypt.

How many days do you need to see Egypt?

Best duration for Egypt visit

To get the most out of your trip to the Red Sea, plan on spending at least two full days there. So, if you add in a trip to the Red Sea, you'll be in Egypt for at least 7-8 days. Traveling to Egypt can take anywhere from 5-8 days, especially if you're coming from North America.

Is there a rainy season in Egypt?

Egypt's climate is arid, hot, and desert-dominated. The winters are warm, with rain falling along the shore, and the summers are scorching and dry (May to September).

Is Egypt an expensive place to visit?

Egypt is a fairly economical place that can be visited on a shoestring budget. There are also lots of premium tour alternatives if you so desire. Especially when it comes to cruises on the Nile River. Overall, it's one of the more affordable and gratifying places I've visited.

How long do you need to see the pyramids?

Best duration to see the Pyramids of Egypt

Plan on spending at least 3 hours visiting the Giza Pyramids. This allows you to see one of the pyramids, see Panoramic Point, take a short camel ride, see the Solar Boat Museum, and take a photo with the Sphinx.

How many months is winter in Egypt?

Seasons in Egypt, as part of the northern hemisphere, follow a similar pattern to those in Europe and North America, with winter falling between November and January and summer peaking between June and August.

Is Hurghada too hot in July?

Weather in Hurghada, Egypt

It has a subtropical climate, which means it is warm all year, with the hottest months being July and August. Hurghada is in the midst of summer this month, and it gets extremely hot during the hottest hours of the day.

Is November a good time to visit Egypt?

One of the greatest seasons to visit Egypt is around November. It's the beginning of winter, and the temperatures have dropped significantly, providing welcome relief from the sweltering heat of the summer. The crowds increase this time of year, although they are not yet at their peak, which occurs in December and January.

How safe a femal traveler tourist to visit Cairo?

Females safety in Egypt

While Egypt is generally a secure and hospitable country, it is not advisable to walk alone after nightfall in some areas. As a result, it's preferable to go with a trusted local guide rather than going alone and at such times. They can also provide you with useful information about Egypt's rich past.

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