Best Restaurants In Dahab

Best Restaurants In Dahab

Best Restaurants In Dahab

Where are the best restaurants in Dahab? Here we have listed the top restaurants in Dahab to visit based on customer reviews.

Korean Fried Chicken

Korean food has been slowly emerging into Egypt’s food scene, with many restaurants establishing themselves within Cairo’s Asian scene. This is exactly why we were thrilled when KFC  opened up in Dahab for a little piece of Korea in there. Their fried chicken will put the regular fried chicken to shame.


This is hands down the best spot for pizza. Here the Italian food is served at it’s best. This restaurant is known for serving the best pizza with Italian flavors and it also serves homemade burgers. This place is also famous for it’s cheesecake and other desserts.

Athanor Restaurant in Dahab

King Chicken

You need to be mentally prepared to visit King Chicken because there is always a queue. You don’t reserve and sometimes you have to wait for people to finish their food. King Chicken serves all kinds of Egyptian dishes from molokhia to mix grills, mahshi and so much more.

El Masrien Restaurant Dahab

El Masryen

If you want Egyptian breakfast, look no further. their breakfast easily sits atop the Egyptian breakfast Iron throne of Dahab.

Ramaz And Paola Restaurant

Seafood Galore! That’s the best thing about this place. This is a cozy place with friendly owners and staff. The service is also great. They also offer Italian cuisine. The chef here cooks tasty Italian lasagna,salmon pasta, and smoked salmon. It’s time to try good tiramisu and perfectly baked fruitcake.  Delicious wine goes nicely with the meal.  Customers visit this place to have great espresso too. This spot is famous for it’s great service and friendly staff, that is always ready to help you. The prices are also reasonable and the atmosphere is spectacular with fancy decor.

Ramaz And Paola restaurantEveryday Cafe

It is considered one of the best restaurants in Dahab, it serves its food and drinks to the melodies of music around the world. They offer breakfast, oriental and international dishes, and sweets. It is distinguished by its marvelous decorations and the inclusion of a popular swing over the water, where tourists come to take the best pictures. Concerts are also held here.

Ralph’s German Bakery

It is the best breakfast restaurant, serving German-style pastries and croissants, and desserts, and an excellent selection of freshly baked bread.

Ralphs German Bakery DahabAli Baba Restaurant

This restaurant is one of the best in Dahab overlooking the sea. Ali Baba offers a wide range of seafood, as well as light bites and breakfasts. It is also popular amongst visitors due to its wonderful sea view, its a good reputation, friendly staff, as well as its a varied menu that suits all visitors’ tastes, including seafood and meat dishes as well as poultry and barbecue.

Ali Baba Restaurant dahab

Yum Yum Restaurant

Yum Yum is one of the best places in Dahab to eat authentic Egyptian food, especially falafel, beans, hummus, koshary, and other delicious foods. This restaurant attracts large numbers of locals and tourists, as it is characterized by it’s reasonable prices for everyone.


They have beautiful decor here as well as tasty food and friendly service. All of which brings a touch of Italian flair to Dahab. The menu is relatively small featuring seafood and pasta dishes. This is a cut above what is served elsewhere. A highly recommended item on the menu is the mushroom ravioli or garlic and chili prawns.

Yam Yam restaurant in dahabBlue House

Well known for its authentic taste in Thailand, this Thai run restaurant has shifted homes a couple of times in the past few years and is now in a rather shabby waterfront position. If you are not worried about the atmosphere, this is still one of the best places in town for Thai food.

Hell’s Kitchen

The inventive menu here veers away from Dahab’s grilled meat and seafood combos and cherry picks influences from north Africa, Asia and the Mediterranean to offer a fusion of global flavors. Great vegetarian and vegan selection on offer, such as sweet and sour cauliflower, while carnivores get to tuck into Moroccan-style chicken. They also offer a cheaper range of sandwiches.


The pan Asian menu here offers a choice of Chinese and Thai while the proper sofas at the tables have to be in the running for Dahab’s comfiest seating. The Thai curry dishes and the spicy Chinese options are the stand-out dishes, but if you have a sweet tooth, save room for the fried ice cream dessert.


A slice of the subcontinent complete with direct beach access and sun loungers. All main dishes are served with rice, salad, raita, and pappadams, making for a bit of a feast. A highly recommended menu item is the palak paneer which is also known as spinach curry.

These are just a few of the restaurants available in Dahab that you can try during your visit to Egypt. There are many more to choose from throughout the country, but this is a start. These are in the top most visited places in Dahab based on locals and tourist reviews.


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