Unleash Amid the Magic of the City of Alexandria Egypt, You Are In A World of True Wonders Drawn By the Hands of the Great History Of Different Eras

Alexandria Egypt

Alexandria by A.Essmat

The city of legends, where you feel as if you are inside a legendry novel or the hero of a historical movie, going through different eras. The Ptolemaic, Greek, Roman, and medieval eras are everywhere; You are in the city of the Empires, walking around the artifacts of each period. Historical architecture and majestic monuments here and there that narrate great events from history. Welcome to this legendary city, Alexandria Egypt.

Each spot has a historical story to live with, while the magic of the Mediterranean accompanies you. The refreshing scent of the sea breezes that purify your soul will take you to wander in the middle of this mythic city. To meet a high towering column standing single magically to touch Alexandria sky since 305 AD. The magnificent scent of history comes from its historical pharaonic rocks to narrate Roman times! It is the Pompey Pillar.

Pompey Pillar

Pompey Pillar (Alexandria, Egypt) by evefouche

Can you imagine that a time will come to attend a concerto in the Roman eras! During the walking in Alexandria Egypt streets, an open theater takes on a historical design appears. Is it possible that history left us a trail that tells how the celebrations were in those eras! Actually, the Roman Amphitheatre in Alexandria Egypt did it.

Roman Amphitheater Alexandria Egypt


Alexandria Egypt is a land where you meet historical staircases that lead you down to where you walk amid a road paved with unique architecture. It magically blends Pharaonic and Roman designs and decorations. To find the Roman and pharaonic gods blessing your path in these Catacombs of Kom El Shoqafa. Secrets, beliefs, and wonders of designs are embraced in the land of Alexandria. And not just the land!

Find Out How Alexandria Egypt Sea Shines With Historical Treasure!

This stunning crystal warm blue sea is hugging rare antiquities and royal palaces. If you decide to dive in it, you will not find what has adorned it just fish and not even coral reefs, but a palace that tells us the greatness of the Queen of Egypt Cleopatra. Majestic statues, giant pharaonic obelisks, ancient Egyptian inscriptions, and sphinxes covered with coral reefs. You dive around Cleopatra’s Palace.

The sea of ​​Alexandria Egypt takes you to a complete historical city. So you feel as if you are in the heart of Atlantis. You will dive through shiny treasures, giant statues, rare artifacts, sunken ships, and 700 berths for ships among the remains of a magnificent historical city! The gold and silver coins are bright in the heart of the sea and other valuables! Then how the greatness and richness of this underwater city! It is the Heraklion city.

For Where The Sky of Alexandria Egypt Will Escort You At While You Are On The Land?

A clear sky shades a great history, the sky of Alexandria Egypt. It takes you to the magic of this sound. It is the sea touches a sandy castle from far. To come close and find yourself wandering in the heart of the most charming and strongest castles in the Middle East. Sure the word of castle gets you the feeling ​​of the myth in which the prince fights for the most beautiful princess. Or maybe Trojan and the famous Trojan War. And this Castle of Qaitbay will give you that feeling. Amazing designs and historic architecture to roam amid the soldiers’ paths, rooms, arrow shooting sites, the ship control room that observes the ships three days away and the Sultan’s site, etc…

Citadel of Qaitbay

This pure sky of Alexandria Egypt also covers unique gardens with antique trees and rare blooming flowers. And a magical sound comes to mix with the singing of the beautiful birds. It is the trickling of sea between the folds of the amazing rocky tongues; it is the cheer of nature.

Amid this amazing nature, you meet a charming view of royal palaces that take the historical Italian design. You are wandering in the resort of the family of Muhammad Ali, the ruler of Egypt; it is the Montaza Palace. This astonishing world invites you to spend time as a prince/ princess around your own enchanting kingdom of wonderful nature of gardens, and palaces.

Montaza Palace Alexandria Egypt

You need to know that, as you are a king in the Middle East at this time, then you own two palaces; Haramlek, where the queens and royal family live, and Salamlek, in which affairs of the state are run and kings and guests are hosted. These two palaces are the amazing architecture with the historical designs you meet there.

A Bridge Appears To Take Your Imaginations To The World Of Myths! Follow The Kings Footsteps!

You feel as if you are amid a wonderful oasis of calmness. Then you find this amazing historical bridge. It appears to increase your imagination of being in a novel about the historical kingdoms. To walk while the sea is running beneath you, crossing through the Tea Island.

It is The Montazah Bridge. It connects the royal gardens, the Salamlek and Haramlek palaces with the Tea Island. This island includes the tea kiosk of Egypt king since the Mohamed Ali Family reign; King Farouk, the Montazah Bay, and the stunning Montazah lighthouse.

Actually, not just the Montazah Bridge is one of the bridges of this real magic in the land of Alexandria, Egypt.

You Are On A Date With Other Mythics Tales Embodied In Bridge Over The Sea of Alexandria Egypt!

Stanley Bridge

Stanley Bridge by JÒóJ

The Stanley Bridge stands majestically with its four towers, in the Florentine-Italian style. It takes your imagination to a world of wonders with its amazing historical designs.

The pillars of light take you to this magical path on the Stanley Bridge while the waters of the Mediterranean run beneath you, adding to this beauty an unforgettable view.

Then, the view of the Biblioteca Alexandria with its extraordinary modern design comes to cut your magical imagination in the heart of history. But if you enter, you will be surrounded by the world of the wonders of history.

Each Inch In Alexandria Egypt Land May Include Hidden Magnificent Treasures From History; The Biblioteca Alexandria Is The Best Evidence About it. How That!

Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Bibliotheca Alexandrina
by D-Stanley

When digging the area where the Biblioteca Alexandria had to be established, shiny artifacts brightened under the land. It is the charm of this city that had witnessed eras of great history in its land. This is a treasure of rare and unique artifacts and antiques dating back to the Hellenistic, Roman, and Byzantine eras.

When entering the Biblioteca Alexandria, these glossy artifacts will surround you in the Biblioteca Alexandria Museum. You will live the suspense of those who had dug the land of Alexandria Egypt.

Biblioteca Alexandria is where you meet rare original manuscripts written by the history hands. And also the actual historical maps to explore how the world was in ancient times.

The Biblioteca Alexandria comes to revive this magnificent ancient Alexandria library, which was founded in the Ptolemaic era to be the largest in that World at this time. This museum was not limited to what was embraced by the land of Alexandria, but what was in the depths of its sea. The antiquities raised from the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea belong to the city of Heraklion.

The refreshing white waves of the blue Mediterranian sea greet you charmingly again when going out of the Biblioteca Alexandria. The Mediterranean sea goes along Alexandria Egypt. So, wherever you are in Alexandria, the sea accompanies you.

That is why the Alexandria Corniche wraps around this Polemic city, where you can enjoy walking on it.

How Will Be The Strolling Over Alexandria Corniche!

From the Qaitbay Fort in the west of the city to the Montazah Palace, in the east, the Corniche stretches 10 miles long on the sea. Walking this historic road with a charming Italian design, which brings together the majestic old ages of Alexandria. A magical strolling along with the era of cosmopolitan elegance that marked Alexandria Egypt, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Corniche Alexandria is where you meet various cafes and restaurants. So it will be a great experience to live when relishing a fresh seafood meal on the magical view of the Mediterranian sea or enjoying a coffee with eastern music on the sea, at the same time surrounding you Alexandria landmarks and the historical eras of Ptolemaic, Greek, Roman and Islamic here and there.

Look around you in Corniche Alexandria Egypt! What is the story of these eccentric domes that appear from afar? It is obviously the magic of a historical spot dating back to the historical Islamic era.

A Unique Andalusian Edifice Where You Meet The Sufis!

Mursi Abu al-Abbas Mosque

Mursi Abu al-Abbas Mosque by ASaber91

With the unique style of the Andalusian architect, its towering minarets, amazing four domes, and its rich decoration, which is evidence of the splendor of the ancient Islamic style, the Mursi Abu al-Abbas Mosque stands in prestige in Alexandria.

With unique brilliance and amazing historical architecture, this mosque announces the Sufi sects, who will be amazed when you meet them with unique and different ideas and beliefs.

Amid these sightseeings and the great history that you wander, you have to stand in a spot to join the army of Alexander the Great and find yourself inside a fishing village surrounded by water!

Find Out Alexander the Great Road From Any Spot Inside Alexandria Egypt!

Wherever you stand in Alexandria Egypt, you are in a spot that Alexander the Great and his giant army passed through. Amidst these landmarks of Alexandria lead your mind and imagination for minutes back far away from these historical eras, until arriving at when Alexander the Great observed an island separating the Mediterranean from Lake Mariout. It is the village of fishermen. You are in the heart of Rakotis, Alexandria Egypt now.

Alexander the Great and his army crossed through this area and had realized the importance of the strategic location of this area. He thought carefully about that spot that it has amazing specifications suitable for the establishment of a great city on the latest designs then. From this point, Alexandria had been designed. And the eras had followed each other, creating all the magic you wander now. That is how Alexandria has become the jewel of the Mediterranean sea cities.

Live the history from the minute of arriving Alexander the great to the time that this city includes one of the ancient world’s wonders the lighthouse of Alexandria; this marvel that was the tallest structure globally until building Evel Tower. Alexandria now is the second largest of the cities in Egypt that is teeming with landmarks overlooking the Mediterranean sea.