Airports in Egypt

Airports in Egypt

Ride A time gap Via Eras Through The Best Airports In Egypt

Travel through the eras till arriving at the dawn of civilization in Egypt, the land of history; you have the choice to land from 10 airports to begin your tour of suspense. Each airport means that you will fly back thousands of years ago in a part of Egypt to find a crew that offers all amenities, keeping the precautionary measures and safety standards.  

Cairo International Airport (Airports in Egypt)

Airports In Egypt

Cairo Airport is considered the air gateway to Egypt and the African continent; it is the second-largest airport on the continent with an area of about 40 million square meters. Cairo Airport is 22 kilometers away from downtown Cairo in the northeastern direction, while you have all the transports of all kind including Shuttle bus, Taxis, Official taxis, rented cars, and Upper cars, around you to take you in any district inside Cairo or to another city inside Egypt.

You can move inside the airport area without any efforts by riding the automatic train that transports passengers between the three airport buildings via four stations, while you find shops, restaurants, and cafes are located in the airport area to take your rest and buy anything you need for, while you feel that you are secured enough as once you arrive at the Cairo airport, you will get all the necessary medical services and take necessary prevention measures.

Alexandria International Airport (Airports in Egypt)

Alexandria egypt Airport - Airports In Egypt

Alexandria International airport is your gate through historical land that was just a small island to be one of the most important cities in the world by order of Alexander the great, it is Alexandria, where you walk seeing at each district a historical monument and behind it a great story of history.

When landing at Alexandria International airport, you will get a breeze of fresh air coming from the blue water of the Mediterranean Sea, while you are far away from the Center of Alexandria, around 6 km in the southeast direction.

The airport’s land area is about 650 acres, and it receives small, medium planes and private jets. The airport consists of a passenger terminal that contains two halls, one for travel and the second for arrival, and the number of flights that take off and land at the airport is approximately 7,808 flights annually.

You will find all the meaning of the precautionary measures, while you can easily find all your needs having shops & bazaars, restaurants & cafes, children playground, (WIFI), banks & ATM, balances, information desks, missed baggage office, Clinique & quarantine, car parking, and smoking areas. Then you will find all the public transportation kinds around you to transport you to any spot in Egypt.

Besides the Alexandria International Airport, you will find another well-prepared airport in Alexandria, named (Borg Al-Arab); it is an international airport and one of the best  Airports in Egypt, about 49 km from Alexandria in the southwest direction, and about 14 km from the new city of Borg Al Arab in the eastern direction. It was established to relieve Alexandria International Airport, offering the same quality of services. 

Sharm-El Sheik International Airport (Airports in Egypt)

Airports In Egypt

Land in the heart of a resort of coral beaches where the pure blue water invites you to dive in its warmth to the charm of bright formations and brilliant coral reefs teeming with unique marine life while the magic of the desert invites, Sharm El-Sheikh International Airport is your best way to this magic directly from your country where you will be welcomed warmly from a professional crew that offers the high standard of the precautionary measures and the amenities, to be in one of the giant tourist airports in the world and the second (after Cairo) major airport in Egypt and one of the best  Airports in Egypt,. 

You will be 18 kilometers (11 miles) northeast of the city of Sharm El Sheikh; This airport is in an area of 10330 square meters; the first passenger building receives about 1,800 passengers per hour. The airport is divided into four lounges, two lounges for travel, a hall for international travel with an area of ​​about 3400 square meters, a hall for internal travel with an area of ​​3,900 square meters, two arrival halls, a lounge for arrivals on international flights with an area of ​​3,900 square meters, and a hall for arrivals on domestic flights with an area of ​​about 1000 square meters. The building also houses passport counters and an automatic passport and visa reader with OCR 20 system.

There are several pay phones for international calls in the passenger terminals of the airport, Wi-Fi is also available, While Sharm El-Sheikh airport passenger terminals have the widest shopping facilities, as there are a great number of duty-free shopping and souvenirs, retail outlets, and bazaars. The departure customs area is duty-free shops offering local goods, presents, foodstuffs, tobacco, perfumes, and alcohol. You can find in the arrival area a cloakroom for the luggage to be stored for some time. There is also the missed baggage office in the arrival area and car parking. 

Hurghada International Airport (Airports in Egypt)

airports in egypt

You can find another gate to the magic of the red sea by Hurghada International airport, to be 5 km (3.1 mi) southwest of El Dahar, the downtown of Hurghada, while all the comfort facilities around you in the Hurghada International Airport, several cafés, bars and one restaurant with international dishes, a postal office providing mailing and Internet access services, several pay-phones for international calls in the air terminal, the widest shopping facilities including a great number of souvenir, jewelry, and perfume shops and newsstands, in addition, to ca parking.

There is also a cloakroom for the luggage to be stored for some time. The city of Hurghada, the Red Sea, provides several public and private means to transport passengers back and forth between the airport and the city’s various tourist destinations, such as Car, Public transport, Taxi transfer, and Car rental.

Luxor International Airport (Airports in Egypt)

Enter the time gap until you reach the land of the Pharaohs via Luxor International Airport, which is located 6 km east of the city, while you have all the services & facilities, including; shops & bazaars, restaurants & cafes, children playground, packaging baggage machines, travel & tourism offices, internet (WIFI), banks & ATM, balances, information desks, lost & found offices, Clinique & Quarantine. Car parking, smoking areas, and business (VIP) services.

airports in egypt

While you are amid all these services, ensure that all the transports kinds to arrive at any district in Luxor or even outdoor it to any area inside Egypt are available in this airport that receives about 1970585 passengers per year from different countries to live a time with the pharaohs, while necessary prevention measures are strictly applied to protect each visitor.

Sohag International Airport (Airports in Egypt)

With the latest infrastructure technology and airport systems, you land in Egypt via Sohag International Airport as one of the greatest airports in the country, while you are secured with the high standards of the necessary prevention measures. Around you shops & bazaars, restaurants & cafes, children playground, packaging baggage machines, travel & tourism offices, WIFI, banks & ATM, balances, information desks, lost & found offices, Clinic & Quarantine, car park, and smoking areas in the Sohage international Airport, while you are far away from Sohag City around 40 km. 

Public transports are available at the airport to transport you via any district of the city or out it inside Egypt.   

Marsa Alam International Airport (Airports in Egypt)

Alluring nature waits for you once arriving at Marsa Alam Airport, which is located 60 km from the city of Marsa Alam in the northern direction in the Red Sea Governorate. This airport is established to support the increasing tourism movement in the Red Sea region. 

The authorities of Marsa Alam International Airport follow sufficient precautionary measures to protect all travelers, such as measuring temperature, sterilizing bags, and maintaining space between passengers during the process of finalizing procedures at the airport, while around you all the facilities and services you will need.

Abu simbel International Airport (Airports in Egypt)

From your plane to directly the masterpiece temple, Abu Simbel temple, by landing at Abu Simbel International Airport, it is located 2 km from Abu Simbel city, where you find all the precautionary measures and safety standards, while you entertain with all facilities and services in this airport. 

Aswan International Airport (Airports in Egypt)

Land directly in the charm of Nubian via Aswan international airport that is located away from the Aswan city about 10 km, to find a lot of public transports for any district of the city, while the all services and facilities around you, besides the precautionary measures and safety standards.

So, if you need to travel in a short time from any city of Egypt or even fly directly from your country to Aswan, Aswan international airport will be your best choice.

Assiut International Airport (Airports in Egypt)

The new passenger terminal was opened at Assiut Airport in 2011, bringing the airport’s capacity to 1.5 million passengers annually; each passenger entertains all the facilities that are offered in this airport, including public transports.

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