How Hot Air Balloon Luxor Offers A Unique View.

How Hot Air Balloon Luxor Offers A Unique View.

How Hotair Balloon Luxor Offers A Unique View.

If you visit Luxor, don’t miss the experience of viewing the great ancient Egyptian antiquities from the sky. Especially Luxor is a city of open-air temples and museums. Enjoy a unique view that only the hotair balloon Luxor offers.

Fly over the temples and glide majestically over the burial grounds of the Pharaohs, and allow history to come to life before your eyes.

Hot Air Balloon Luxor

Sure, you have flown a lot, but flying via a sky that covers the city of the ancient Egyptians, where a lot of unique artifacts are set, is a unique experience for you. For that, don’t hesitate to book a hot air balloon over Luxor, Egypt.

See Like An Eye Of A Bird with Hotair Balloon Luxor Offers

Enjoy spending 45 minutes in the sky, seeing the life of pharaohs. Each minute will be stunning for you from the picking up to the landing, having a professional hotair balloon in Luxor specialist that has decades of experience to regard the safety and achieve your full satisfaction.

Amazing memories you will live while sailing high over the great city of pharaohs.
On a sunrise hotair balloon ride to Luxor, you will look via the sky to see how the river separates the city.

Sites to see from Hotair ballon

Like an eye of a bird, you will see the land of the livings, where the Temples of Luxor and Karnak as well as the Luxor and Mummification museums were set, and “the land of the dead,” where the Valley of the Kings was set at the western bank of the Nile.

You may have seen these great historical sites like (Tutankhamen’s tomb), Queens, Workers, Nobles as well as the mortuary temples of Ramesses II and III – The Ramesseum and Medinet Habu, and the other tombs, but seeing them by sailing high over the sky is a different view, and great shots you will take by your camera.

As long as you book your hotair balloon over Luxor Egypt via us, ensure that you will enjoy creating great moments, taking photos, and having snacks and light refreshments. We guarantee your full safety till landing. When landing, we will celebrate with you this great experience.

What to expect on a  hotair ballon in luxor

The stunning landscape of Luxor with a hot air balloon Luxor specialist who is fluent in English will make the experience worthy. You can try that, booking a hotair balloon over Luxor Egypt.

When you look to one of the most attractive cities in all the world from the sky by riding this hot air balloon seeing the ancient landmarks like the Statue of Thebes and Colossus of Memnon, you will dream not to land and to extend this great time to long hours.

As per all who take this experience with us, you will feel the full security for you and your family, and what you will think at this time is not to close your eye even for one moment. It is the time to experience that yourself, booking your own unique experience with the hot air balloon Luxor.

Hot Air Balloon Program starts daily at 4 am, the Balloon Company picks travelers up from any location in Luxor and from Nile Cruises as well, they normally cross the Nile River with motorboats to the West Bank of Luxor, where they take vans to the location of balloon taking off.

The normal flying duration is 45 minutes and each basket can fit 15 adult persons plus the balloon pilot. Landing is usually very smooth as Luxor is not a windy city, and after landing the Balloon company transfers travelers back to pick up location.

We are waiting for you in Egypt

Related FAQ

Is hot air balloon safe in Luxor?

Hote Air Balloon Safety

In Egypt, the general safety record for hot air ballooning is bad. In an accident early in 2009, seven visitors were wounded. Three separate hot air balloons carrying a total of 60 people collided in various areas on the same day in February 2009, serious injuries including fractured bones.

How Much Does hot air balloon ride cost in Egypt?

Hote Air Balloon Rates in Egypt

Egypt has to be among the world's most affordable hot air balloon locations. The cost of a hot air balloon ride ranges from $75 to $150. Combining your Luxor balloon flight with a tour of the Luxor ancient sites might also save you money.

What do you wear to a Luxor hot air balloon?

What should you take on a Luxor air balloon ride? Remember to bring a scarf or cardigan to wear on the ferry to the West Bank because it can get chilly before the sun rises. However, the fire will keep you warm while you're flying and warm once the sun comes up, so you won't be chilly for long!

What are the chances of dying on a hot air balloon ride?

Safety of hotair ballon

Air travel is generally thought to be safer than driving a car. This may also be true with hot air balloons, based on injury and mortality rates. Only 16 individuals perished while hot air ballooning from 2002 and 2016, according to the National Safety Council (NTSB), or approximately one person per year.

What is in the balloon?

Background. An inflatable elastic bag filled with a gas, including such helium, hydrogen, nitrous oxide, oxygen, or air, is known as a balloon. Rubber, latex, polychloroprene, metalized plastic, and nylon fabric are used to make the current balloons.

What can go wrong in a hot air balloon?

Behaviors on a Hotair balloon trip

Accidents involving hot air balloons are unusual, but they do happen, and they can result in serious and occasionally deadly injuries. Whiplash, shattered bones in the upper extremities, and brain injuries can all result from a forceful fall (TBI).

How do you go to the bathroom in a hot air balloon?

On a balloon, there have been no restroom facilities! Because flights might last up to an hour, you should take a toilet break before boarding.

Is riding in a hot air balloon scary?

Fun or scary ride

It is, however, a gentler ride than many belief. The cart (basket) will normally slip a little when you lift off the ground, but you won't feel yourself ascending. In fact, it's not even as terrifying as an elevator trip.

Do hot air balloons get struck by lightning?

Hot air balloon mishaps are sometimes caused by weather, such as lightning, but they can also be caused by mistakes made by the pilot, assistants, or passengers. These sorts of mishaps can also be caused by fires, ground crew issues, and mechanical issues. Balloon mishaps are frequently caused by sudden storms.

Will a hot air balloon fly in the rain?

Rain and storms prevent balloons from flying. A balloon, apart from an airplane, cannot fly away from a storm. Rain pouring on the balloon cools it and the heated air within, which may reach temperatures of 100°C.

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